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Cover of coffee table book "Barbara Nechis Watercolors" top left corner and below a vivid watercolor painting

Coffee Table Book


68 original works by Barbara Nechis

144 pages

11" x 11" (28cm x 28cm)

Hard cover with dust jacket

Smyth sewn binding allows open book to lay flat


“Your book is magnificent! It really encapsulates your life of dedicated work. We may need to get a larger coffee table! Barbara Nechis’ art communicates an abundance of exuberance interpreting nature with a visual embrace. Educated eyes will be rewarded with intense pleasure while beholding these pages.” Frank Webb


“Elegant in its luminous transparency and powerful in its design, Barbara Nechis’ work is both informative and delightful”.

John Salminen


“Barbara Nechis transposes common everyday subjects into sensitive semi-abstract poetic and lyrical paintings. She challenges the viewer to see more deeply. Incredible!”

Stephen Quiller


“If you are looking for a freer, more creative way to express your response to the landscape, you’ll learn how this artist approaches and interprets a subject.”

Christopher Schink, The Palette Magazine issue #1

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  • Additional Publishing Information

    Printed on 100% rag paper, Limited Edition Copyright 2018, First Printing 2019; ArtBookPrinting in PRC

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